Doubling Palermo-Catania, Bicocca-Catenanuova section

07 JULY 2019

Construction work continues. As part of the Palermo-Catania doubling, along the Bicocca-Catenanuova section, five temporary detours located along the Bicocca-Catenanuova section were activated for railway operations, only six months after the works were delivered and 15 days in advance according to the work schedule. the route is about 5 km long.

This activation will make it possible to build the new odd track of the Bicocca-Catenanuova doubling, alongside the existing simple track and, in some sections, with a new double track, for a development of about 38 km.

Two successive Macro Phases of Implementation are envisaged with the maintenance of the existing railway operation: the first, lasting about three years, for the opening to the operation of a single speed-track; the second involves the completion of the doubling and the commissioning within the next two years of the double track.

The intervention is part of the broader speeding program between Catania and Fiumetorto which will allow an increase in service frequencies and a reduction in travel times.