Techproject S.r.l. is an engineering company founded in 2002. The company designs civil, industrial and infrastructural engineering works for public and private clients. After an initial five years focused on construction works in Italy, in 2008 the company started its process of internationalisation; it secured projects in north African countries together with other important Italian and foreign companies, obtaining excellent financial and professional results.


With a staff of more than 50 professionals and offices in Rome and Milan, Techproject is one of the largest private Italian companies in the civil engineering and infrastructure sector. The company’s success was built and developed on expertise acquired in the field and on the adoption of modern technologies in design and supervision of works. However, its success is also the result of the company’s great service offer flexibility and global presence. The company is independent and enjoys total freedom of action in terms of project choice, the countries it does business in and the best solutions for each project.


The team comprises of qualified engineers, architects and specialised technicians, with interdisciplinary experience both in design work as well as in works supervision and testing. All staff are provided with ongoing training and professional development in terms of both latest technology as well as new standards and rules. Special attention is paid to the knowledge of international rules and foreign languages in order to support the development of business abroad. Indeed, in order to meet the quality standards sought by clients in Italy and abroad, all staff is required to have knowledge of at least one language among English, French and German, in addition to Italian.