The Province of Isernia towards the realization of Fresilia: Techproject wins the tender

The Region has identified the institution of via Berta as a implementing subject: now we proceed towards the Conference of services and the subsequent executive planning. Councilor Carrino, principal supporter of the work, was satisfied

ISERNIA. New important steps forward for the implementation process of Fresilia, in its transversal link towards Sprondasino between the two Trigno and Biferno Valley Funds. Yesterday afternoon, the Provincial Council of Isernia, in the context of the approval of the single programming document in preparation for the budget, has implemented the Regional Council resolution n. 115 of 12 April, with which the entity of via Berta was identified as the implementing body.

A decisive acceleration, given that on May 10 the first Conference of services is scheduled to obtain all the opinions on the realization of the work. The Province, in case of obtaining the same, will then have to activate the procedures for the tender for the executive project and entrust the works, which should last two years unless there are obstacles. The amount of which is 40 million euros, included in the Pact for Molise signed by the former governor Frattura with the former premier Matteo Renzi, for 8 kilometers of road.

The former Regional Council led by Paolo Frattura, in 2017, following a meeting held on Frosolone, decided to give a € 400 thousand loan to the Province of Isernia for the assignment of the technical and economic feasibility study for the completion of the Fresilia in the direction of Sprondasino, where a corridor had to be identified to make the transverse connection between the two Trigno and Biferno Valleys.

After the call for tenders, awarded by the company Techproject srl – agent of a temporary grouping of companies – due to the greater discount offered between six competitors, in December 2018 the design drawings relating to this feasibility study are delivered to the via Berta institution , including the surveys carried out along the entire route identified and the planned laboratory tests. The Provincial Council, in its meeting of 27 December, discusses the project in its results and approves it as it is considered appropriate to the objectives of completing Fresilia.

Yesterday, finally, the inclusion of the layout in the three-year plan of public works within the Dup. The provincial councilor Cristofaro Carrino, who has been working for years on the subject for years, is satisfied. “A nice page of politics has been written for this territory – he said in assise – given that the institutions, first the Region with the Fracture Council that put 40 million euros, then the Province of Isernia with two different provincial administrations, finally the Gioma Toma, found themselves in agreement in carrying out a decisive work for the social and economic development of the territory “.

It is an artery strongly desired and supported, for decades, by the entrepreneurial world of Agnone and Frosolone, by the Industrial Unit of Bojano-Campobasso, by the Curia of Trivento, by the mayor of Trivento and by the Prusst area (Urban Recovery Programs). Sustainable Development of the Territory, ed) by Agnone, Frosolone and Trivento. But its strategic importance finds its foundation above all in facilitating the connection between Agnone and Campobasso, shortening the journey by about 60 kilometers (30 to the first leg and 30 to the return) with a considerable saving of time and consequent less pollution from atmospheric emissions. Once completed, this road axis would complete the connections between the middle and upper Molise with the Campobasso area and join the upper Benevento with the lower Chietino.

Not only that: the road could have a continuation with a connection on the Sangro Valley Fund, thus creating a better and faster road system between Campobasso and Chieti and solving a series of problems with the interconnections between the three Fondo Valleys Sangro, del Biferno and del Trigno.